What size rug should go under a dining room table?

We suggest the customer add 4' to the width and length of their table, which will give a 2' perimeter of area rug out from the table which will allow all 4 chair legs to be on the rug while the person is seated. Smaller frame people can do with 18," however 2' is the norm.

Should an area rug be a certain amount away from the wall all the way around the room?

We are of the philosophy that the only rule that exists with rugs is the answer to the first question. Rugs define a space and should be the correct proportion to what is going on in that particular area.

Should all of my area rugs match?

A rug design helps give that certain area its own personality. Why would you want 2 of the same? There will always be exceptions to the rule i.e. 2 little rugs in a small space.

What is the best way to clean an area rug?

The fiber of the rug always dictates what to use when cleaning a rug. We have information to help our customer with the care and cleaning of their new area rug.

What does transitional mean when talking about rug styles?

Transitional means a melding of style and designs from the contemporary and traditional sides of design,

What is the best fiber to have in an area rug?

One cannot beat wool for wearability, that is, a good quality wool rug. The consumers' lifestyle in their home plays a large role when selecting the proper rug with regards to fiber content.

Should all of my furniture be on the area rug in my family room?

For a cohesive look an area rug which is large enough for the furniture in the conversation area to have at least the front legs on the rug is highly recommended.

How do I mix patterns regarding an area rug, draperies and furniture?

The mixing of multiple patterns has to do with scale, proximity, color and ones comfort level of multiple patterns in the space being utilized.

What do I do if my dog gets mud on my new area rug?

Resisting the urge to clean mud is difficult. Mud should be dry before trying to remove it. After the solid is removed with a blunt object like a spoon, then depending on the fiber, the proper liquid can be used to remove any left over stain caused by mud.