Miriam Thompson
From a young age, Miriam has been blessed with the gift of “seeing color”. She attained her degree in Art from MTSU and went on to start her own window coverings business, which she ran while raising three children. In 1999, Miriam, along with her husband Mike, decided to put their life experiences to work by opening The Rug Rack. With her background in color and design Miriam took to the rug business quickly, becoming a very respected retailer in Chattanooga as well as the industry as a whole. She is frequently asked to do interviews for Trade Magazines and for her input on collections by manufacturers.
You will find no one better to assist you in making the best decisions regarding color and design, not only for area rugs, but most any area of your home or business.

Katie Thompson
From the age of 12, Katie has been around her parents as they built the business. Through observation she learned the importance of listening to the customer in order to better fill their needs. Now that type of experience, along with a degree in Organizational Management, Katie has become an integral part of The Rug Rack’s operation now and into the future.
In addition to her listening skills, Katie has learned a lot from Miriam about color and design. These are the most important things to understand when helping customers find what is best to fulfill their needs.

Mike Thompson
Mike grew up around the carpet business and that lead him to the area rug business in 1996. After years of selling and managing sales teams for Shaw Industries, he was given the opportunity to help manage the company’s area rug division. Mike fell in love with the idea of selling more color and design oriented products and that lead to the marriage of Miriam’s talent and Mike’s experience. They formed The Rug Rack together in 2000.
After years of growing the business together, in 2013 Mike was offered an opportunity to join a rug importer as Sales VP and General Manager. Mike and Miriam decided that was the way to go and Miriam is now the principal owner of The Rug Rack and Home Décor. You can catch Mike at the store most Saturdays.