"I first discovered The Rug Rack on the way out of Chattanooga to Dalton to look for an area rug for my living room. We had just converted our downstairs from carpet to hardwood. We were driving down Market St. to catch the interstate to Dalton when I saw The Rug Rack out of the corner of my eye. I said, "Wait let's stop here for just a minute, they have just opened up." Needless to say, we never made it to Dalton. I found the perfect rug for our living room that day and have since purchased rugs for my dining room, a new basement and a new family room addition. I've had many compliments on my rugs from friends and strangers too on how beautiful and "one of a kind" they are. We're not done yet - We are planning to convert our upstairs to hardwood as well. My first stop will be The Rug Rack. I would not think of going anywhere else -- with Mike and Miriam's knowledge and expertise, I know I will find exactly what I want at a very reasonable price. If it's not in the store, they'll find it for me. The Rug Rack is just one of those places where you know you are going to find exactly what you want and need. Like you know if you need a bottle of aspirin, you'll find it at the drug store. I wouldn't think of going anywhere else to shop for any kind of area rug."

Becky Barry

"We recently purchased two area rugs (1 round foyer & 1- 8 x 11 dining room) from The Rug Rack. We had heard that The Rug Rack was a little high on their pricing, but we still made the decision to see for ourselves. We were so glad we did because we found very competitive pricing as well as exceptional service. Also, there was a huge selection to choose from.

We are delighted with the quality of our two rugs. Mike Thompson personally came out to our home with a few samples to help in our selection process. He was very helpful in selecting colors that would blend with all of the colors in our home. We highly recommend you visit The Rug Rack."

Leslie Nelson

"After many years of living away from Chattanooga, I'm happy to return to Lookout Mountain, where my children were raised. It's great to find there are still many friendly, helpful people here, who have given me welcome assistance in decorating my new home. High on the list of helpers were Miriam and Mike Thompson of The Rug Rack, who listened to my color scheme and the type of oriental design I was seeking. They patiently showed me through their extensive selection of rugs and explained the origin and materials used in the ones under consideration. A prompt delivery and placement in my dining room allowed me to take two days to decide if this was the right rug for this room. It was a wonderful accent to my furniture and color scheme and brought many compliments from friends. I highly recommend the combination of beautiful selection and unusual service found at The Rug Rack."

Jacquclin Leffers

"I have found The Rug Rack to be an excellent source for purchasing area rugs for my clients. They have a variety of price points and constructions for immediate purchase or approvals. They also represent what I perceive to be the best manufacturer's in the business from inexpensive pieces to very high end. If they don't have what I am looking for, they special order it for me."

Beverly Thompson
Interior Decorator

"The Rug Rack has always provided excellent service and advice. Miriam's instincts about size, style and design are always right on target and that makes shopping at The Rug Rack a pleasure!"

Decorating Committee
Signal Mountain Presbyterian Church

Dear Miriam and Mike,

"Phil and I want to express our appreciation to you for the "excellent" service we received while shopping at The Rug Rack. After several trips to Dalton, someone told us about you. Your help to us in finding the "perfect rugs" was "priceless". We are completely satisfied with all our rugs (four room size and four smaller). We recievie many compliments on our rugs and continue to recommend you to our friends."

Phil and Connie Henson

Dear Mike and Miriam,

We write in appreciation of your excellent service, wide selection of carpets and reasonable prices. We particularly appreciate your letting us take rugs home on a trial basis. This helped enormously in our selection.

Ann and John Woody

Dear Mike and Miriam,

We want to let you know how absolutely impressed we were with the service you provided when we were rug shopping. You were both so helpful and gracious during all THREE visits we made! When we finally narrowed our choice down to two rugs and were leaning towards buying the much more expensive one, we were amazed when you explained that often the light at home can change the appearance of a rug and suggested we take them both home for a 72-hour trial period! You knew that we might end up liking the less expensive rug better, but you wanted us to be perfectly happy with our rug. This is a level of service and integrity we have rarely encountered! We were able to look at both rugs with our new couch when it was delivered, and that made our decision clear. We absolutely LOVE our new rug, and we whole-heartedly recommend The Rug Rack !

Herb & Susan Lea

Dear Miriam,

After looking several different places for a rug which would provide the perfect complement to our dining room, I happened upon The Rug Rack. Although I had an idea in my mind of what might work best, Miriam took our budget and our color scheme and suggested an alternative I had not considered. That rug worked beautifully and provided the perfect balance of colors in the room. It was a great experience and I couldn't be more pleased with our new rug!

Dear Miriam,

When I was in the market for a new rug to coordinate with my new sofa and chair, the first place I thought of was The Rug Rack. Their name and products are familiar to me, but what I did not expect was how easy it was to find the perfect rug and throw pillows for my new sofa. Miriam listened to my ideas, asked some questions and immediately showed me 'the perfect rug'. Within an hour, I was at home with my new purchases, snapping pictures to share with her to let her know how delighted I was and how amazed I am at her skills in determining my needs!

Dear Miriam,

Miriam and Katie did a great job helping us find the rugs for our new home. We were pleased with the quality, style, and color combination. They ensured we had the correct size for the various rooms and also delivered them. I would recommend The Rug Rack to anyone that is looking for rugs.